Who The Hell is Noa Gavin?

See up above where it says that I’m funnier than your Grandma? That’s because I am. I’m sorry for your Nana and all, but, she had to learn sometime. Anyone can be funnier than Your Mom, but only the truly exceptional can kick MeMaw’s ass.

I ghost hunt, I do martial arts, I do funny–and I do them all well with a side of whiskey. I’m married to Adrian. I have a sister named Grace. My Ma can’t text. I am not funnier than my Grandma.

I’m on a mission to make you laugh, and to brighten your day a little bit. I’m on a mission to share a little of the joy that sarcasm and good comic timing can bring. I’m on a mission for you, bitches.

Also, you can email me at ohnoagavin(AT)gmail(DOT)com.
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